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 Presentation to EXE Converter for PowerPoint 1.0
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Using Herbisoft Presentation to EXE Converter for PowerPoint

Start Herbisoft Presentation to EXE Converter for PowerPoint through the Windows' Start menu:

This will bring up Presentation to EXE Converter:

  1. In PowerPoint Presentation box, select the PowerPoint presentation that you wish to convert. You can click the Browse button to locate and select your PowerPoint presentation.
  2. In the Output EXE file box, input the full path and name of the executable file that you wish to create. You can use its Browse button to help you locate the output folder and output exe file name.
  3. You can optionally include media files if your presentation needs them.
  4. Click Convert button to convert your presentation file to executable file with the name and location that you selected. You can run this executable file directly from Windows.

The executable file runs on Microsoft Windows XP and later versions. It supports embedded fonts and all PowerPoint animations and transitions. It does not support macros, linked or embedded objects, ActiveX controls and Flash files.

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